If you are in need of a professional animal control and wildlife removal services in Southeastern Pennsylvania you have come to the right place. Seitz Wildlife Services isĀ  a locally owned and operated company offering humane wildlife solutions and Animal removal services.We commonly handle wildlife problems such as,

  • squirrel removal
  • raccoons in attics and chimney
  • odorless skunk removal
  • groundhog removal
  • bat and bird control
  • snake removal and more….

Our goal for every wildlife problem is to create a permanent solution to the animal conflict. Properly sealing wildlife entry points will provide a long term solution to most wildlife invasions. All of our repair and animal exclusion work is 100% guaranteed to keep wildlife outside where they belong.

Seitz wildlife is liscenced by the Pennsylvania Game commission and fully insured. If you are losing sleep due to noises in the attic or wildlife invading your home call today for a FREE phone consultation and ask how we can help solve your wildlife problem.